Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ember's Wish

"I wish I had this pony in our backyard, real."

Oh the innocent and imaginative dreams of a four year old! (Although a pink unicorn with yellow hair and wings would be pretty neat.) I don't think she has thoroughly thought of all the poopin' she'd be scoopin' the maintenance for such an animal. I mean look at the poor thing, she is filthy, especially upon closer inspection (note to self: wash all ponies); her hair is a fright, not to mention that it is slowly quickly starting to be roughly brushed out fall out (in chunks...I have the good fortune to find colorful "hair" wads around my house) !
Although...all that manure would do our back yard some good. Maybe, because it is a unicorn, the manure would have magical powers and could create grass that doesn't need watering (or mowing for that matter). Who wouldn't love that?! Ahh, the innocent and imaginative dreams of a twenty-eight year old!

CUTE ALERT: Jaxen slept with his shield (from his Halloween costume) last night. He said he couldn't sleep. (He mentioned earlier that day that he wasn't afraid of bad guys coming in our house anymore because he remembered he had his shield.) I guess whatever it takes to get your kid in bed. Apparently, the alarm system isn't reassuring enough.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Got a light?

So late Saturday night on our way home from yet another a family birthday party, I swung by Fry's because I was in the mood for an Asian salad (and they were on sale for $1, nothing beats that!). We don't shop on Sunday, so it was now (9:00 P.M. actually) or never. I ran in, grabbed the salad and a drink, and ran back out - figuratively of course, it was more of a brisk walk. I get home, unload my two items and notice there is something still in the bag. Hmm, what could it be?
Yeap, a pack of cigarettes. Lucky me! Someone apparently purchased them and forgot to grab the bag they were in. Who puts a pack of cigarettes in a bag all by itself? I thought that was a pocket/purse kinda item? Hmm, then again you might be asking me how I know that...logic I guess. I mean how often do you look through the bags in the self-check out lane before you start chucking in your own stuff? I know I don't. (Although technically I usually bring my own bags, so I know there is nothing in them.) So I didn't really steal right?

Now the question is...What do I do with my new found "treasure"?
A. Do I smoke them?*
B. Do I take them back to the store? or
C. Do I toss them in the trash?

So, you help me decide...what should I do? I would have much preferred to come home and find a Snickers bar or money in the bag...that would have been a score!

*Option A is not an option; it s a distractor hidden among the best answer to throw you off. All reference to and about smoking is strictly in jest. No part of this blog may be duplicated for the entertainment of others. All rights reserved. (I always wanted to do that too!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Long Walk

Yesterday morning started out as any other. Shaunton went to go work out. Upon his arrival home and being greated by Ember she asks, "Dad, did you brush your teeth?" Yes, mom, he did.

Later in the afternoon I went to drop food off for a friend that lives a few blocks down. I decided to walk with the kids. The both come bolting out the backyard with their bikes. Ok, you can ride your bikes. About one block into the walk I realize that Jaxen's front tire is low on air. Granted, I wasn't planning on them riding their bikes, give me a break. Shortly after that, Ember's handlebars kept getting out of line with the wheel (it's a bigwheel). So, after 50 adjustments, a few pit stops, one bike topple, and a few carry the bike incidents, we ended up at our destination...about 30 minutes after we left. Granted the trip back was faster.

On the way, we also encountered a werewolf. Ember saw a dog, and looks at me with big eyes.
"Mom, did you see that werewolf?!"
"Um, that's not a werewolf." *smiling*
"Then what is it?" (ok, maybe she is wanting breed here?)
"It's just a dog"

Leave it to me to blow her imaginative dream...maybe she was pretending (she sure looked serious though). It was a shaggy dog...if it was on two legs instead of four, I might have agreed with the werewolf theory.

A few random thoughts:

I like to kiss Owen on the cheeks. But lately I have to make sure I don't do it around Ember or I get it.

E: (With a head tilt and eye roll) "Mom...do you want me to kiss Owen on hes (sounds like he with a s sound on the end) face?!"
M: "No, I'm sorry, you're right, I won't do it again. (At least not when you are can see me!)

UPDATE: Owen laughed for the first time last night (@ 7:20PM to be exact~Don't look at me, Shaun was the one that noted the time, I'm not really that anal about details.)!!! (Time to plan the First Laugh Ceremony)

Owen slept for 8 hours straight last night. Not counting the restful night, there is nothing like waking up at 3 in the morning with boobs as hard as rocks and lopsided because he nursed on only one side before bed. Miracle grow ain't got nothing on me!. Good thing I don't sleep on my stomach. *Jeez, I make myself laugh*

And, for today, who doesn't like a good start to the morning?

Jaxen was coloring before school today in his Ninja Turtle coloring book. He was coloring a picture with The Brain in it. (For all your TMNT fans, you know who the brain is.) He looks over at Ember, points to his head and says, "Ember, did you know we have blains in here?" I sure hope so!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Tid-Bits

Ember decided today that she wanted to use glue. Of course she decided she wanted to use glue while I was trying to get Owen down for the millionth time. Good news: It didn't end up in her hair (or in anyone else's, for that matter). Bad News: She wasted 28 sheets of paper (my original guess before counting was 30, close enough). She put a glob of glue in the center of each pieced and just layered from there. I guess it was some sort of flat tier cake or something. She said she needed to use to glue. Needless to say, the glue is in an undisclosed location. Glue relocation program. Jaxen might need the witness protection program, he was in the kitchen the whole time she was doing it, but saw nothing. As if I expected any other answer.

I caught Ember in Owen's baby bathtub, I would have taken a picture, but we were running later on getting them ready and in bed. It was pretty funny though.

Owen had his Synagis shot yesterday, and has been a little terror brat tired and grumpy today. He won't stay down unless I am right there with him, and you (or at least those of you with kids, anyway) know how hard that is to do?! So, he is sleeping on me as I type...snoring away....knowing full well that he is going to start crying (tears and all) as soon as I lay him down. Ok, in reality, he will wait until I think he is going to stay asleep, then starts crying.

Last but not least is Jaxen's contribution (he has many, so I have to cut it down). Yesterday, as he was taking off his socks, he says to his dad, "Eww, my socks are like Kryptonite!" They aren't that bad, in fact, I don't think they smell. But, this is coming from a habitual baby (and only baby/toddler...no adults please) foot sniffer. Something about that smell. I know, I know...it sounds disgusting. But to me it is as addicting as baby breath (oh that sweet, sweet smell).

It was Ember's turn to say the family prayer tonight. Jaxen leans over and whispers...and then we hear Ember say, "and bless Granma with the turtles will stop moking." Translation: Bless Grandma with the turtles (we label all our Grandma's at our house, you should try it) will stop smoking. I am happy to see them adding their own touches to the prayers and remembering others on their own without being prompted. We love our Grandma and want her to be healthy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cheesy Grin

I haven't posted a recent picture of Owen lately. Here he is in all his chubby glory. He is very talkative now! He smiles, coos, makes all sorts of faces (funny, serious, angry---yeap the you-don't-feed-me-enough look), and makes me carry him all over loves to be held. He is easily entertained by the two clowns we have in house who never waste any chances they get to get in his face. We are trying to get him to laugh so that we can hold his First Laugh Ceremony. Getting closer, but not quite there yet...I have a feeling it will be soon!

P.S. He doesn't ride around like that in his car seat (the loose straps). We were going to go to the library yesterday; I started to load him up, looked at the time, and decided not to go so he never got buckled all the way.

I am a Child of God

Owen has the official seal of approval to prove it!

I went to get Owen out of the van after church one Sunday and find this. Jaxen decided that he wanted to share his stickers with Owen. Now why it had to be on the forehead, we may never know.

Ember the Artist

Ember has really made improvements on her drawing skills. Her people are starting to look more like, well, people. Rather then some blog with lots of dots (those would be the eyes, of course). So, because I feel the urge to share, here is a very accurate depiction of our little family. Granted, the hair will come later...we are just excited that we have sticks arms and legs! (Down on the bottom left you can see her many E....just a few too many diagonal lines).

I have also been working with Ember on her name and the letters that make up her name. After all it is hers (her name, that is), so it is the best place to start learning letters and how to write. Here is one of the first few attempts at her whole name. She has been really hesitant up to this point on attempting that m, but I think she did a pretty good job. I did the top one, she traced over it a few times. The two below that one are all her!

That's My Girl!

Once again today we played a game. Today we played Flipping Frogs. After about 5 games I was ready to lose my mind ready to make dinner while the kids kept playing on their own. Meaning Ember chased Jaxen's frogs around the living room as he sent them flying. All I could hear was, 'Ember, hurry get my flog!"

Anyway, that night Ember proceeded to tell her dad that she has played Flipping Frogs and she won! Jaxen was quick to throw it, "yeah, but you cheated!" Ember, not phased, smiles proudly and announces, "I cheated and I winned!". Hey, at least she was honest.

Later that night we were headed out to see my brother-in-law in his karate belt ceremony. As we try to get everyone ready Shaun says, "If you don't have your shoes on your aren't going!" I looked at Owen, and then at the kids, and said, "It looks like Owen doesn't get to go, he doesn't have his shoes on.". Ember, with a look of horror on her face, exclaims, "On no, Owen can't stay here by himself a'cause he will get scared. And then, a police officer will come to our house and took him away because no one is home with him." Put the fear of CPS into them early.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Note to Self:

Don't threaten your kids with taking away a privilege that you want too. Because, when they don't listen, you either have to go back on your word (and they know they can always get away with not listening), or you have to keep your word (which means you are getting the privilege taken away too.)

*sigh* No one warned me about the throat throttling three's! (well, my own throat that is...plus it sounded more rhythmic - like the terrible twos.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Which car hops on one foot?

Toward the end of our daily *sigh* game of Mouse Trap, the kids decide to spin around and get dizzy while they wait for their turn. This of course makes the game ten times longer considering there are only three of us and we only roll one die and it takes them a few seconds to regain their sense of direction; but I digress.

Where was I? Oh ya...so Ember fell down while spinning and hurt her foot. She then proceeded to "hop" toward me. Trying to do so on one foot. She then blurts out in a whiny voice, "I have to be a camino now because I hurt my foot!" TRANSLATION: "I have to be a flamingo now because I hurt my foot!" I had her tell me twice because it was so darn cute, and the look on her face was so darn serious (for those of you with 3 year olds, you know the look).

Prior to our daily game of Mouse Trap, we played our daily game of Go Spider. (Is it that obvious I don't do anything all day besides hang out and play board games with my kids?--Give me some credit, I can do it all while breastfeeding! Oops, digressing again...) Ember, after two games of Go Spider, wanted to even the girl/boy game karma by playing Go Princess. Jaxen, in the deepest voice he can muster, announces, "Negatory! It's not gonna happen!"

What?! Negatory? Where did he get that? I told Shaun about it when he got home, he thinks it might be from Transformers (the movie, of course). I guess Optimus Prime says something along the lines of, "that's a negative", or something. Jaxen just decided to put his own spin on it.

Who knows? Might just be the word of the week in school.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Secret Santa Helpers - Update

We decided to let our secret grandparents know who was leaving them little gifts. I know that if I was to get gifts and not know who it was from, it would eat at me. I am just one of those people who has to know!

A short time ago I received a Christmas card in the mail from one of our secret grandparents. It reads:

"We can't thank you enough for making our Christmas so much brighter. We really enjoyed your gifts, especially the snowflakes and it was fun to wonder who was doing it. Thank you so much."

The following Sunday our secret grandma saw us when we came in and gave each of us a big hug. It was so nice to know that it was special on both ends. She told us she really liked the snowflakes and her favorites were hanging up on her mirrors and the others she put on the window.

I'm glad she liked them, the kids wanted to help make the snowflakes but couldn't cut through all the layers of paper (they tried), so yours truly did them --with encouragement from the kids!

I hope we can do something similar this year. I know it made the season more meaningful and fun for me and the kids.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Repeat after me

The other day I asked Jaxen and Ember how Owen would look with my color hair (and placed my hair over his head). Ember looked at me and said, "He looks a fright!". It was such an unexpected response I just started laughing.

She is my little mimic. When she wakes up and her hair is all over I always tell her that her hair looks a fright and to let me brush it.

She is really getting to that age where you have to watch what you say around her...unless you want her to add a new word to her vocabulary. We don't swear, so no worries there. But when SIL is around, she has some interesting phrases. She asked me the following just the other day.

E: Mom is she-ite a bad word? (pronounced as it is written)

M: Yes, I don't want you saying it.

E: But Auntie Ditz says it. (Yes, that is her Auntie's nickname, LOL)

M: I know, she likes to say words that aren't nice. I don't want you saying them.

E: Can I say fat cow?

M: No, that is not nice either.

E: Fat isn't nice, can I just say cow?

M: Yes, you can say cow as long as you aren't calling someone a cow.

E: Ok.

They really pick up on these things! She is constantly reminding us about "bad words". If she hears one of us say stupid or hate (of course not referring to people) she blurts out, "Mom, you said a bad word!!!!" Keeps us on our toes and encourages nice words by everyone.

A Five Year Olds Reference Guide to Weather

So this morning as I sit the kids down for breakfast, I open the arcadia window and show the kids that it is raining.

M: That means it is cold outside.

J: I wonder how cold it is? Like this cold? (holds his thumb and pointer finger about half and inch apart) ---he is of course referring to the new thermometer we have outside.

M: Not that cold.

J: I need to watch Fox 10 News to find out.

M: You need to what? (I was trying to get him to repeat himself because it was so cute.)

J: I think I need to go outside and see how many degrees it is (once again referring to the new thermometer we have outside).

We found out it is 54 degrees outside. Pretty cold by Arizonan standards.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Morbid Moments

As I am cleaning up the kitchen today, which took a good three hours in between the Owen pit stops, I hear the kids playing house. Jaxen and Ember have to take every toy out of Ember's room and transfer it to Jaxen's before they can start playing. I am running in between the kitchen and Owen (in our room) when Ember stops me.

E: Our mommy is dead.

M: Huh?

E: Our pretend mommy, she'd dead. A shark ate her.

M: I'm sorry to hear that.

E: She was riding her skateboard and she fell in the ocean and a shark ate her up because she didn't have a boat.

M: To bad she didn't have a boat.

E: But she is alive now but she is in our room.

M: Ok.

I am not really sure where she got this kinda morbid imagination, we really monitor what they watch.

A little while later she came in and said their baby had died (but she's ok now).

On a lighter note, when Ember and Jaxen play house Ember is always the "sister" (which translates to the daughter) and Jaxen is always the dad. It is so cute to hear Ember say, "Daadddd" and Jaxen to say "what, Sweetie?" But the cute ran out quickly today as they started fighting over who got to play with what fake food. Seriously can't we just share the fake chocolate and donuts. I personally would prefer the real thing...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Go Spider!

Jaxen has created a new game. I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use something in two ways...but it was fun to see him do it anyway.

He asked me and his dad to play Go Spider with him. He used the pieces from his new Spiderman & Friends Memory Game to play it. He said you have to ask another person if they have a card you need, if they don't they say Go Spider and you draw a new card. I kept saying Go Fish. He goes on to explain, "Mom, you don't say 'Go Fish', you say 'Go Spider' because they are Spiderman cards, not fish ones."

I just thought it was neat that he "created" a game from another. (His dad was even trying to read the instructions on the Memory Card game to see how to play this so-called Go Spider game). As I type they are anxiously pestering me to come and play Go Princess (Ember got a Memory Card Game too). Kids are so creative, and it is fun to watch the sparkle in their eyes when they get excited. I love the pride that shows in their face and eyes when they get to teach something to another person.