Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Ask

Yes...I am still pregnant. I think Kaysen James is holding out to be a July baby.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Naming Baby #4

Finally, we have come to a conclusion on a name. So, whenever you are ready little one you can come without worrying about being Baby Davis forever.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Turning Five

Five years ago today I was laboring to bring my little girl into the world. Again, I was induced at 42 weeks. Apparently, I have a really comfy womb. This time, the labor was faster (10 hours) and she was born without an epidural. (Trust me I was screaming for one come 9 centimeters!) She was born with a full head of black hair and chubby cheeks and weighed 8 lbs even (and born at 10 PM on the dot).I was very nervous about having two little ones, and lucky for me, Ember made the transition easy. She was a very good sleeper.

It was so fun doing her hair up in little pony tails and dressing her up all frilly. Now, I can hardly keep her still long enough to throw her hair in a ponytail. Even when I do, it starts falling out 10 minutes later.Ember has loved animals ever since she was little. She has been into ponies for the last couple of years (three out of the last four birthdays have been pony themed). She has also really gotten into dogs and cats. She loves to pretend she is a dog, wants to wear a leash (a couple of necklaces linked together) and have someone be her "owner". Because she can't read, I can tell you that we got her one of those kiddie leashes that go on like a backpack and have a tail for the parent to hold. She really wants one, and we figure it is the safest "collar" out there for a five year old. Maybe we can use if to Baby #4 or Owen later.

Ember is very easy to play with because she tells you what to say, whatever the game is. Mom, pretend I did this and you said...all I have to do is repeat whatever she says. Nice.

She loves to swim at Chandler pool and would go every day if I would drive her. I would be tempted to take her every day if I wasn't a whale about to give birth with an almost two year old with a broken finger who can't get wet. (Sponge baths anyone?)

She loves tape, and if she can't find tape, she uses stickers to "tape" things together. She also loves to wrap presents, which is usually something she finds in her room and wraps with the paper that I have left over from wrapping something else. If she doesn't have any wrapping paper, she creates her own out of the used recycle paper dad brings home from work. Some presents I have been blessed to receive are: the crayon container, colored pencils, ponies, cars, and books.

Ember loves her brother (Owen) so much it hurts sometimes (to be Owen that is). She is always barking in his face (she is a dog you know) and tugging on his clothes. She means well, and has taught me a lot about letting Owen grow up without coddling him. But, she just doesn't seem to get that when he gets annoyed, the sounds he makes are loud and annoying. I try to tell her that is his way of telling her he doesn't like what she is doing. My logic doesn't make sense apparently.When they do play together, I love to watch them interact. She is so loving and he loves to be like her. He always wears the hugest smile and his laugh is so hearty. The three of them together is magic (that doesn't happen often enough).
As I prepare for Baby #4, I thank Heavenly Father for blessing me with my daughter in the midst of all the testosterone He has sent my way. She is the only one I have, but He knew that we would create a relationship and bond that was perfect for just the two of us. I can't believe my little girl is five!

Happy Birthday Ember! I love you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Owen finger update

Circulation is good, so it looks like he gets to keep his whole finger.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Frantic Friday

You know you should expect something to happen when you plan a weekend in advance.

Yesterday we had a packed day planned. A trip to the temple to watch a high school friend marry his sweetheart and then heading off to Flagstaff to pick up Jaxen and attend the graduation of a family member.

My SIL was to watch the kids for the hour or so it would take to attend the sealing. After the sealing, we start talking about what would be the fastest. Stop and get gas, then the kids, then start driving to Flag. We call my SIL to tell her the plan and that we would be there in a few minutes. We went into the store, purchased our drinks, and headed back to the van. I hear the phone ringing and we had missed a few calls. It was my SIL. I just assumed she wanted us to pick her up something on our way home. I call her and she says to get over there NOW.

My nephew had slammed Owen's finger in the door. She says it is bleeding all over and really bad. I figure she has to be exaggerating, people get their fingers slammed in the door all the time, right? A pinch, maybe a little bit of broken skin, something like that.

We get there, I take one look at it and knew we were headed for the hospital. I guess his finger got caught in the hinge, and to make matters worse he was pulling trying to get his finger out. My SIL had to open the door to free it.

Five hours later, we were ready to leave the hospital. Owen has a broken finger tip and stitches to close the gash that went all the way to the bone.

He was a trooper. He didn't cry at the hospital during the wait. He only cried when he got the IV put in for the medications. They had to put him under for the surgery. Something called conscious sedation. I had to have Shaun hold him because he is technically awake, but doesn't feel anything. His eyes are open and dart around. I couldn't watch so we went to get something to eat because we couldn't eat in front of Owen (he couldn't eat or drink) and I couldn't bring back food. So while they did the deep clean *shudder* and stitched him up we went to the hospital cafeteria. We thought it would take a while, but when we got back, he was awake. Still out of it, but awake. He slowly got the meds out of his system and was back to himself. He just wanted to take all the stuff off (pressure cuff, etc.) and go home.

He will need to see a hand specialist to make sure that the tendons and bone heal properly and doesn't need any therapy.

After we got out of the hospital, we drove to Walgreens to fill the prescription. Then picked up Ember and headed for Flagstaff. Owen passed out immediately, poor guy, and Ember watched a movie on the way up. So much for attending the Graduation. So much for attending the dinner afterward. We got there as they were cleaning up. We had dinner over at his Uncle's house at 9:00 PM and then turned around and started heading home at around 10:00 PM.

On the way home all the kids fell asleep, but then Owen woke up and just cried and cried. He kept holding up his hand and grabbed it every now and then. It was the longest 10 minutes to Camp Verde before we could even attempt to stop somewhere. We stopped in Camp Verde and the first service station didn't have infant Tylenol. What?! Who doesn't carry infant Tylenol? I was about ready to cry myself. We stopped at another service station, and thank heavens, they had some. At this point I would have paid $50 for a dose, but spent a measly $10 for a small bottle. (Worth every penny!) A gummy worm made going back in the car seat easier, and we were headed home. We got home at 1:00 AM. Worlds record for the longest and most eventful day in the Davis least in the last few months.

Owen is officially our first broken bone and stitches. Ember was our first serious burn. Jaxen was our first staple and Durabond kid. They each have their claim to fame.

It was great to see Jaxen again! He seems so much bigger, LOL.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Measuring Small

It never ceases to amaze me. I get all these wonderful comments about how small I am, how I am all belly, etc. etc. Don't get me wrong, I love these comments. It makes me stop thinking about the stretch marks that envelope my entire body from the belly button to my mid thigh. Not to mention those above. I wasn't exactly Pam Anderson before the birth of my first, so I had some "growing".

It also makes me stop thinking about my achy hand that hurts and tingles no matter what I do. Apparently carpel tunnel is common during pregnancy. Who knew I would get the pleasure of experiencing it during my fourth pregnancy. Who said they aren't all different? Let's not forget the swollen feet that have given more than one person a shock. At least my body is good for some laughs right now.

OK, I digress. Talking of measuring small. Every time you go in they take the measuring tape and measure you from your public bone to the top of your uterus. It is supposed to be the same number of inches as you are weeks pregnant. Follow me? I ALWAYS measure small, especially toward the end. This does lend itself toward some last minute ultrasounds to make sure the baby is still growing.

At 32 weeks this little one was approximately 4 pounds. At 36 weeks and 2 days (today), he is measuring at 7 pounds. Yeap, seven pounds. He has the cheeks to prove it (see below)! Guess who he gets those from? (I love you Shaunton!) If he stays in there and cooks, that puts him at about 8.5 to 9 pounds at birth. Right were I estimated him to be before even having the ultrasound. Oh, and he has hair.

Isn't he so cute!!!

Oh yea, he is still a boy. You know, had them check...just in case.

So, recap, just because we look small, doesn't mean we aren't packing the pounds on or that our babies will be tiny. (I have gained 32 pounds to date.) But, we still love the complements!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grandma's House

Jaxen just needed to let it all out I suppose. He hasn't cried since the one time on Sunday. He called this morning at 5:30 (6:30 Grandma's time) to talk. I guess they are out doing their morning exercises. Jaxen ran around the cornfield 5 times. He said he is getting faster. They do morning exercises every day.

They go and clean the churches throughout the week. The wards/branches are so small, that it is easier to pay someone to come and clean them then to have members clean them I suppose. It involves a lot of driving to get to them.

Last week Jaxen said that he and TJ had to chase a cow off the lawn of one of the churches. So it wouldn't eat all the grass. Definitely not something he would have to do here. He talks about the lambs being born and watching westerns when they do get a night to watch a movie. Herding sheep isn't so easy with tired little lambs that want to sleep and big sheep that want to keep going to get to the good stuff.

He calls for family prayer each night (unless he falls asleep first), and I read him a story that he picks out the night before. Something we do every night when he is at home. I guess the familiarity makes it easier.

I am so proud of him. As he and his cousins (and uncle) get bigger they will be an even bigger help to their grandma.