Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Kaysen is three months old today. He tips the scales at 16 1/2 pounds. I think the hair makes up the half pound.

I hate to admit it...but...he fell of the bed this morning. Granted, all of my kids have fallen off of the bed. Why should he be any different. I am sure you are amazed that my ginormous son can already roll over. Alas, he can not. He had help of falling off the bed. Or rather, he was pulled by his feet off the bed. Give you three guesses on who thought he needed to come down and play. I can give you three because all the kids are on break, so they are all home right now. I am sure you only need one.


Gotta love him. It was a slow fall...if there is such a thing. Maybe it was me watching in slow motion? Anyway, he is alright. No more leaving him on the bed, sleeping or otherwise. I guess his right of passage (rolling off the bed) isn't going to happen as planned.

Into the crib you go when I need to set you down. I would much rather Owen join him in the crib (which he did yesterday too) than pull you off the bed...or lay on him when he is on the floor. Nice.

On a totally different topic. I am an Aunt today for the....let me count really quick...7th time. Lucky number 7. Speaking of lucky numbers we have lots of thirteen birthdays. Serenity (my niece 1/13), Kaysen (7/13), TJ (my BIL 8/13), and my newest niece (10/13).

Monday, October 5, 2009

What do other people think?

I don't often ponder this question...but after reviewing this in class assignment (see #2) it makes me wonder.

Too bad not everyone knows that I am the Activities Leader in the ward and that I work with young girls (or young women as Jaxen would like to call them). Maybe this would be where a picture would be helpful in clarifying...

I just went back to check it out and noticed number 10. I am so proud that this is important enough to him that he thought to write about it at school. (There is even an exclamation point!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is Motherhood?

Parenting Magazine is having a contest on this topic. People are to enter a 300 word or less essay on what motherhood means to them. I wasn't planning on entering, but have been thinking about this a lot, so decided to enter for fun.

Here is what I submitted:

Motherhood means being woke up each morning at six even though your alarm is set for six-thirty. Motherhood is carpooling. It is pizza dinner and soccer practice on Tuesday nights. It is running through all of your children’s names before calling your child by the right one. It is not noticing when you call them the wrong name until they point it out.

Motherhood is finding out (the messy way) that gum really doesn’t stay in your system for seven years. Motherhood is the anticipation of the weekly grocery ads that come in the mail and preparing your menu around the sales.

Motherhood is answering a million important questions…many with “I don’t know” or “That’s a very good question” (followed by a Google search). Motherhood is learning something new from your children every day. It is reading Goodnight Moon to your toddler over and over again even though you just don’t get what the fascination is with that book.

Motherhood is being able to nurse a two month old and brush your daughter’s teeth. Motherhood is counting your kids every five minutes in public places. It is being able to fit your to-do list for the day into the first hour of your children’s nap so you can crash with them the second half.

Motherhood is getting your children to bed and then getting things ready to start all over again tomorrow. It is picking up your sleeping newborn to snuggle just because. It is going back through each of the rooms and kissing your children goodnight again even though they are sleeping. It is being thankful each day for the gift each of your children brings to your family. Not wanting to change a minute of it…even when it isn’t always a walk in the park.