Friday, February 26, 2010


Why does my adult toothpaste come with a flip cap and my child's toothpaste comes with a screw on cap? A little white cap that inevitably ends up down the drain?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Does a primarily nursed 7 month old need 6 teeth? Why do four of them have to come in within days of each other?

Just a Tuesday

How hard, and for how long, do you cry if your mom accidentally washed your video game memory card (and dried it)...even thought it is technically your fault for leaving it in your pants pocket? Take into consideration it has ghost Yoda for Lego Star Wars on it.

Do I get to keep the dollar I found in the wash, even if I know whose it is?

UPDATE: The memory card works and I was honest with my fellow man and put the dollar in my son's jar.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chocolate Cake

The missionaries called and canceled. A less active member in the singles ward invited them for dinner.

Guess plan B is now initiated.

Fork. Check.

Cake. Check.

Commence eating. Check.

Tis sweet to eat a chocolate cake tonight.

The fork will sit with it's friend the cake for drive by snacking.


Rise and shine at 6:00. Who cares that your alarm is set for 6:45? You have a whiny five year old who "can't breathe". Stagger into kitchen and get her some cough syrup. Hmm, the container says to contact your physician if your child is under six. Well, she is almost six...and on the "healthy" side. Hmm, let's give her half of the recommended dosage, without the physicians consent, and call it good.

E: Is this the yucky kind?
Me: Yes. It's the one for coughs.

Might as well make lunches for the kids.

Run dishwasher.

Hmm, missionaries are coming for dinner, better thaw something.

I have time to make the cake this morning. I wanted a reason to eat some...I now have one (the missionaries are coming!). Missionaries like cake. Chocolate cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate flakes all over. I am making it. I know I cant eat it all by myself because there won't be much left. No fork, left on the tray, eating a bite every time I come into the kitchen. Plus and minus.

Cake almost in the oven...notice half cup of oil on counter. Mix in oil. Cake in the oven.

Kids eating breakfast.

Brush Ember's hair.

Wake up Owen at seven because I am jealous he is sleeping in, and frankly, he went to bed way too late last night. If I can't sleep in, neither can he. He should take a nap today...and bedtime should be easier tonight.

Let Kaysen sleep. Cant get anything done once that kid is awake.

Dress Owen.

Feed Owen.


Brush Ember's teeth.

Change Owen (only he can get coated in cereal and milk).

Brush Owen's hair and teeth. A little sticky...the hair that is.

Now it is me time. Brush hair and teeth. Throw on some clothes.

Take out cakes.

Finagle the kids into their shoes and socks.

Load them up, with their backpacks and science projects. Pick up Syd.

Walk with 5 kids in tow, 2 science projects, and 3 backpacks, in the rain, to the school (from the parking lot). Think to myself that Owen sure does walk slow.

Drop off science projects. Come home.


Change diapers (again!).

Out the door to volunteer in Ember's class.

What will you get done before 10?

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have decided that Ember has got to be one of the most determined and opinionated five year old girl I know.

She never shies away from telling you something, even if it hurts your feelings. I don't think she is trying to be mean. She is just honest. Honesty can hurt.

She is quick to tell you how she feels about something. This conversation is almost always at an elevated pitch involving wild arm and facial gestures. This pitch and gesture goes for happy conversations and...not so happy ones. She only has one volume...LOUD.

Ember is determined to get her way. She tries to test the rules and gets frustrated when they stand.

(Sitting at the table)
Me: Ember, go get dressed and I will make you breakfast.
E: Fine, I will just sit here until you get my breakfast.
Me: Ember, go get dressed and I will make you breakfast. You clothes are on your bed.
E: I don't want to get dressed first.
Me: You are going to be one hungry girl at school today in her pajamas.
E: Fine, but I am getting dressed in here!
(She proceeds to bring her clothes into the kitchen. She starts getting undressed and complains about how cold it is. Of course it's cold, it is tile and not carpet.)

She is very sensitive to sounds and textures. I have many a morning with itchy socks that don't "feel right". She covers her ears for the vacuum. She doesn't like the sound of balloons or anything else loud that might pop (makes Independence Day interesting).

I ask myself...was I this willful as a child? Did I give my mom a run for her money? Was my mom glad I was the only girl? Did I pick a name that encouraged her strong attributes?

These are negative by any means...unless I am in a battle of wills. Otherwise, these are characteristics we want our girls to have in their future (maybe a little less hurtful honesty).

We had a rough night last night. Ember didn't want to sit still or have anything to do with Scripture Study. If Jaxen listens, she teases him, to make him feel bad. It makes him mad. So, long story short, after several redirection attempts she was put into her room until after scripture study. You could hear her crying and talking about how much she doesn't like her mom and dad.  She came out, had a slice of bread with peanut butter and brushed her teeth. Went to bed, hugs and kissing, fell asleep quickly.

She wakes up in the middle of the night to go pee. She is half asleep. As Shaun is walking her back to bed she says, I don't like you mom and dad. Nice.

She wakes up this morning. I like you mom, I just didn't like you last night.

She's over it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Making Money

Forget doing chores.

Forget mowing the lawn.

Forget digging around in the couch cushions.

The new way to make money these days is to lose teeth.

The toothfairy always pulls through...recession? What recession?

Jaxen has lost three teeth in the last two days...and still has a wiggly one.

All I want for Valentine's Day is...

my two front teeth!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheap (Read:Free) Entertainment

The things they do to entertain themselves when mom won't play with them.

Nice hat!
Feed me so real food Mom!
If I would have waited just a little longer to take this pic you would have a crying toddler and 20 balls of various sizes bouncing around in there. But, as Jaxen told me, it's okay...because they zip themselves in. Hmm, looks unzipped to me.

Parenting at it's finest. Now you know the dirty true about me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I finally got to a point where I could work on the tree skirt that I wanted for my Christmas Tree. Granted I started it in January. I finished faster than I thought I would. I have one diamond that has "The Davis Family" and the other four have each of my children's hand prints embroidered on them with their names written inside. I had Jaxen and Ember do all the name writing.

I just got back from JoAnn's. I want to make Jaxen a blanket for his birthday. I got all the material (already on sale) for $48 using coupons to save $42 (It was a coupon you could use to save on items, even if they were on sale). Nice. It also helps to bring a friend and have them use a coupon for you.

I think I am going to go back within the next week to buy the materials for Ember's birthday blanket. The fabric is already 30% off, and the coupon I have takes an additional 20% off. Might as well have what I want ready, and at a cheaper cost!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

High School Reunion

It is not a surprise to most that I grew up on the West Side. Definitely more ghetto than Tempe and the East Valley. Is there a ghetto on the East Side? 

Anyway. So I get a letter regarding my high school reunion. I have been waiting for this letter...since 2007. I didn't find it surprising that my high school didn't have a reunion (in 2007). It isn't like we had any money.

So, imagine my surprise when I get the letter. I wonder how many people threw the letter away because it looks like junk mail. I read how much it is going to cost for this deal, yeap junk mail.

They want $95 per person for this get together. All we know is that it is at the Double Tree in Scottsdale. Nothing else is even set yet. Do these people not remember that we are from the ghetto and can't afford $95 per person to eat a meal? That is if you pay on time, if you pay at the door it is cash only and $115. It makes me think of a school dance, only the cost is inflated 100%. Where did the number 95 come from. Everything you purchase is separate. It isn't like it is a meal deal where you get dinner and a parting gift...worth $50. We will probably get a box of mints or something.

To top it all off it is a, what is the word I am looking for....joint reunion? For classes 1997-2000. Nice huh? You think they could save a little money doing it that way. Chances are I don't even remember but 10 people of my own graduating you are throwing in 1500 more students and wanting me to do a Where's Waldo hunt for the 10 people I do remember?


I don't think I will be going. Although, I could take my husband as arm candy and show off my awesome bod that birthed 4 kids. I think I look better now then I did back then. Maybe not as physically toned (I was a track and cross country runner), but still lookin good, with more confidence.

Maybe I will just send in a pic and a little update bio. Maybe buy the $20 book and just look through that for laughs. Cheaper than paying $95 to try and remember people. Not to mention the ones you want to see not even showing up.

Would you go at $95 a pop?