Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it Wrong...

Is it wrong to feed your chickens french toast (without syrup)?

Is is worse, that when you think about it, go out and check, the french toast is gone?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I finally convinced Shaunton to get chickens, apparently it is the "in" thing to do. After convincing him, I then had to convince myself again because, honestly, do I really want to do more work?

Jason Hopkins has a friend at work who raises chickens, and she asked him if he wanted any, and he in turn asked us. So, I guess the timing was right.

I think all of us with chickens are going to have to trade eggs for eggs, apparently we have the rainbow assortment of colors between us.

So, here they are. They are nameless. No, there will not be a contest to name them. We are waiting to gain a better perspective on their personalities. Although, given the opportunity to name them now we would have Chicken Little and Sparkles. I'll let you guess who volunteered which name. Right now, neither one of them is little and neither one sparkles. So, we wait.
Their pen is a good size, but as soon as their wings get clipped, I will be more willing to let them traverse the yard.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Name our baby

The title sounded great!

Here is a short list of names that Shaunton and I can mutually agree on. The middle name will more than likely be either Briscoe or Hershal, which are both family names.

What do you think goes better with Jaxen, Ember, and Owen?

Keyson (sound like Key-sen)

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on different name combos. We have two that stand out right now, it will be interesting to see if they are picked more often than the others.

Have fun!

In it for the long run

On Saturday, the whole family to part in a racing event. Shaunton ran a 5K and the kids and I "ran" a 2 mile race.

I had Owen on my hip, so I just planned to walk. Jaxen and Ember, I assumed, would be walking with me. I didn't think they would take much interest in the race.

The lady started us off and away went Jaxen running. I figured he had a good lap in him before he started walking with me and Ember. The boy lapped us and kept on going! He ran/jogged the whole 2 miles, that is 8 laps around the field. His time was 23 minutes and 58 seconds. He had better time the second mile than he did on the first.

I was so proud of him. He is always sad that he isn't the fastest runner on his soccer team, now I think he realizes that he "fast" at running for long distances. He has endurance. He was so excited to get his medal and basket of goodies.

We are so proud of him. Hopefully, he will want to run more races in the future.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Giddy Up

Owen loves to climb up on his horse and go for a ride. He never stays at it for very long when the camera comes out. He is too busy saying "cheeeeeeeeee" and trying to come see what I am looking at through the lens. (As you can plainly see in the video.) Just thought I would share on of those everyday moments that is so cute you sometimes take it for granted.

Just realized it is sideways, but it took forever to load, so tilt your head and enjoy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's official

The baby is officially a boy. We had our last ultrasound today to make sure everything looked good. Baby, uterus and placenta are all fine.

Apparently our home was meant to house all this testosterone. I know Heavenly Father knows me and our family and what would work best as far as dynamics. I think this could be a good thing for me and Ember.

Here is the money shot.

Growing Up

We have a big boy roaming the halls at our house now. Gone are the days of little "kid"dom.

Jaxen has officially grown up a notch. He lost his first tooth this past weekend. Saturday, January 7, to be exact.

Here is a toothy grin picture.

I don't know if the tooth fairy is cheap or not, but he got $2 for his tooth. He put it under his pillow on Saturday night, but apparently the tooth fairy doesn't work on Sunday. Hmm, either that or she forgot. We will go with her keeping the Sabbath day holy.