Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bedroom issues

My bed is overrun. We have a queen sized bed, and seven nights out of the week it seems too small. Why is this? Could it be the overfed healthy baby wedged between a toss and turn mom and a "roll over, you're snoring" dad? Could it be the hair in your face from a daughter who insists on wearing it down, and sleeping practically face to face with you? Could it be your toddler, who has finally (yes, it's a sad day) figured out how to climb out of his crib and crawl into bed with you? I knew this day would come, but I didn't know it would be so hard.

Last night, Owen came into our room. Not sure of the time. Just knew it was still dark and I was still in the boob-in-face stance with the baby. Seems like he won't sleep unless it is right there, you know for when he rolls over and decides to have a midnight snack, and a 3 AM snack, and get the picture.


Owen is now in my bed. I am sandwiched between two boys...not counting the dad taking up his half undisputed. Hair is everywhere.

A little while later. (Once again, I am assuming here.) I hear a THUMP. A whimper. SILENCE. Hmmm, okay, still sleeping.

I wake up a little later and notice Owen on the floor. In a that-can't-be-comfortable sleeping position. Snoozing away. Hmm. At least he landed on a nice fluffy pillow. Guess he can sleep anywhere.

Tight squeeze. Notice the empty crib?

NTS: Son can climb out of crib. Not so good on edges of bed without guardrail.

Isn't it ironic?

on the day I have the most laundry to do, it is raining the hardest? I am taking my chances hanging up the clothes. If all goes as planned the wind will whip them dry in ten minutes. Sweet.

Worst case scenario... I will be hunting for mud covered clothes all over the mud covered backyard and kickin myself for being so stupid. I will probably be mud covered after retrieving said laundry. I am hoping for things to go as planned. I'm optimistic.

I feel lucky. After all, I just got done washing whites...with that rogue nice black shirt discreetly hidden within the mix. Two things that don't go together? BLEACH and a rogue nice black shirt. The laundry fairy is smiling down on me today.

Speaking of fairy. Jaxen is close to loosing tooth number #3 and Kaysen is close to getting tooth #3. The other kids still have teeth. Nothing new to report there.

Kaysen had his well visit today. 6 months and 20 lbs and some change. Time to buy a new car seat. I guess I didn't really need to hear that from the Dr. He does practically kick Jaxen in the seat behind him.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I can't really remember the last time I made waffles. I opened the waffle iron to find a nice, hard as a rock, waffle. Breakfast is served! (It was even warm from heating up the iron!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Missing Jacket

Jaxen's jacket went missing earlier this week. I keep pestering him to go and look in the lost and found at school. He calmly replied that the lost and found was really big and he couldn't find it.

This morning I woke up determined to dig through the lost and found in search of the rogue jacket. All I can say is W.O.W. It was like looking through a grungy goodwill rack, er, pile. I am convinced that there is an article of clothing for each and every kid that attends Broadmor. There were sweaters, jackets, scarfs, ear muffs, mittens, lunchboxes (with lunch still inside....ewww).

I was wondering why it is that parents making their kids get their stuff. Then I look at the pile and decided that those poor kids took one look at the mountain and decided they would never find their jacket (or said missing item) in there.

So, you know how I am. Later in the day I called the school and offered my services in going through the mountain and pulling all the items with names and sorting to give back to the classrooms. I asked if they had a student list. They seemed pleased to have the help. I starting thinking. Maybe having a few "items of the week"...a big sign that says ARE YOU MISSING ME? pointing down to five objects on display.

All I know is if I was a kid without a jacket I would just dig through the ginormous pile and get me a "new" one.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

NTS: Husband takes thing literally

For those of you that don't know, pork chops and country style pork ribs are on sale at Alberton's. I asked Shaun to pick up two of each (to freeze). I told him to get the biggest ones they had.

Apparently yesterday was the day they had super huge packages of pork chops. My idea of big is a package of 7 pork chops (usually the biggest I have seen). Shaun brought home two packages of pork chops that were h.e.a.v.y. A grand total of 34 chops. I know we can have pork chops (or something with pork) at least seven times before I need to buy more.

My deep freezer is filled to capacity and I still have the urge to buy a couple of packages of drumsticks from Fry's. (They are only .67 cents a lb.!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

If you can't celebrate New Year's at home, they will come to you.

All my boys. The extended family came to visit Jaxen and took Ember home with them. She really wanted to play with all her cousins. Kaysen is sleeping with Ember's jacket to cover him. Owen decided to pour apple juice on him, so he is in just a diaper so we covered him well.

Owen did a lot of running around. He stayed awake until midnight and fell asleep in the van on the way home.

Jaxen and dad playing a mean game of Guess Who?

Doesn't look worse for the wear.

Nice head shot of Owen. I still can't figure out how my 46 pound son manages to stay warm in two hospital robes (facing each other) while I freeze in pants an a long sleeve shirt!

Hospital stay

Nothing says fun like an all liquid diet.

What are the odds he gets a room with soccer pics? He was content to stay in the hospital. After all, they had cable and a channel dedicated to movies. It also helped that he had mom or dad all to himself for a couple of hours every day.

They have a new thing they do with kids and IV's. There is this vial that looks like a shot but it doesn't have a needle. They put pressure against where they want to put the IV. They press down and it sounds like a really loud whooshing sound. It numbs the area so they can put in the IV. I guess it gets in through the skin like a gas.

This is a good thing because they tried his left arm before they finally got a vein in the right. He didn't cry or anything, he was too busy watching Igor.

This is the view out of his window. He got to stay on the fifth floor.

Take a look at where I got cut. Imagine him trying to show this to his family without showing other things. Not so easy is a hospital gown with no undies.

Just passing the time.

His first meal was lunch (see pic). Followed by mac and cheese for dinner and lunch and dinner the next day. Umm, can someone find another food that is considered soft that isn't mac and cheese? I know he was hungry because he actually ate some of the mashed potatoes.