Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Pumkin Reveal- Do you know whose is whose?

Don't scroll down until you guess...


Did you guess right?

Pumpkin Prep

Last night we decided we should break down and carve these pumpkins. We only bought three and figured Owen and Kaysen could share the smallest one. There was a bit of an argument about who got the biggest pumpkin, but Jaxen was the bigger sibling and decided to take the medium one. Shame on me for not getting pumpkins that were the exact same size.

Ember and Owen decided to go with a stencil, while Jaxen chose to create a more personal jack-o-lantern.

Jaxen wanted to do all the cutting, but 1/8 around the top decided that maybe a little help was needed.

Owen and Kaysen were a bunch of wimps and wouldn't stick their hands into the pumpkin to get out the guts. This picture was staged, as Kaysen was just pretending to get his pic taken. I think he took out 2 seeds max, one at a time, before smearing any residual on his shirt.

Ember and Jaxen dug right in and got to work.

 Kaysen really wants his picture taken and pokes his dirty face into the picture at the last minute!
 Ok, he is bored. Off to read some books while he waits for "his pumpkin" to be done.

It was a fun night carving and being goofy. Pumpkin guts anyone?!
The kids were excited to see their creations in the dark.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Driver's Ed

Driving to scouts last night from soccer practice:

E (exasperated): Mom, when are you going to teach me how to drive? How come you haven't taught me yet?
Me: You don't learn to drive until you are 16.
E: Will you be old?
Me: I will only be (insert age here).
E: Wow.
Me: That isn't that old!
E: How old is Grandma Honey?
Me: 51.
E: She doesn't look that old.
Me: I know, she takes good care of herself and eats right.
E: I need to start eating healthier. Don't you think Mom?
Me: That a great idea.

Owen today while wrestling:

O: Dad, let me feel your bone. (Feels around Shaun's calf muscle.)
O: Dad, you have no bones right here.
Me: Yes he does, you just feel muscle.
Shaun: My calf muscle.
O: Your cat muscle?
Quizzical look, and then back to fighting.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Break Vacation Day 2: Disneyland

We decided that we liked Disneyland so much, it had to stay in the vacation rotation. So, this was first on our list because we could get a cheap motel close. We didn't get the fancy digs until Monday night. So, we stayed at a little place called The Little Boy Blue Motel and walked to Disneyland.

Owen was the lucky potawan this year. He got picked to go up and get trained in the Jedi way. Jaxen was bummed, but I wasn't too upset as he had the experience the last time along with Ember.

 So, needless to say, he has a little bit of a shaky start, but stood his own when it came time to go up against the big guy, Darth Vader.
 Fighting evil Sith Lords is hard work, who wouldn't blame a Jedi for taking a much needed break?
 Right before this battle we had eaten lunch, so afterward we were ready to head off for some more fun.
Why not picture of all the kids?
Missing one you say?
Oh, here he is... throwing a fit. Not the first or the last. We has just gotten off the teacups, and apparently 2 minutes of spinning was not enough. He cried after having to get off this ride, the carousel, and the Buzz ride. I don't remember any of the other kids getting so attached. 
Oh look, he is happy again. Remember, this is short lived.
Here we are standing in a hour and a half line for a lame haunted house. Wish I new that before I waited.
Started off happy, one hour in, not so much.
It's Halloween, even Mickey's wearing a mask!
Day 2 is over and we are still smiles.

Jaxen's favorites: Star Tours, Indian Jones, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Ember's favorites: Teacups, Carousel, and Buzz ride (noticing a trend)
Owen's favorites: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (really, on the ride you seemed scared out of your mind!), Carousel, and Tarzan's Tree house
Kaysen's favorites: Teacups, Carousel, Buzz ride (cried after each) and Tarzan's Tree house

Jaxen- Yoda shirt that reads "Judge me by my size, do you?" Shows Yoda trying to get on a ride and not being tall enough, even with his Mickey ears.
Owen - A Buzz Lightyear "nerf" gun.
Kaysen - His first Mickey ears

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I lost my sunglasses while at California Adventures in California. Guest services assured me that if they find them, they will mail them to me for free. I said, "So that is why it is so expensive to go to Disneyland, shipping all the lost and found items for free." She didn't really smile. Oops.

Anywho, so I filled out a card and described my glasses. Metal, brown frame, Brown lenses, Big V on the side. Slightly bent but still wearable.

So, this is what I get in the mail today.
 Needless to say, they aren't mine and they are super stretched out....what do I do with them now?

Random thoughts

Read and Counts: Doe...Dee...Doe...Dee....Doe Dee Doe! He is good pointing at each letter/number/word as he goes. It does this for counting and reading.
He has gone potty every morning for the last three mornings....but not the rest of the day.
He has slept all night in his bed since Sunday!!!! ( I feel the difference!)

Can you guess who he is referring to?
"Mom, I need your help. I need you to get that guy, you know, the one that goes slowly...slowly...slowly."
Other random thoughts:
"Skeltons (how he says it) totally fleak me out."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Break Vacation Day 1: The Beach

So, we surveyed the children prior to this vacation to see what they wanted to do. We wanted to do a little bit of everything. One of Ember's top choices was to go to the beach. We headed to the beach right from home, so it was a fun time to look forward to. We had to pay to park. There was a kite flying competition going on. We took off our shoes and walked to the beach in our regular clothes, got wet, and then came back and changed into our swimsuits. Silly, I know.

The water was cold, but not as cold as it was the last time we went (in March a few years ago). The kids had fun running in and out with the tide.
  Built sand castles with motes, and the resorted to digging holes to fill with water.
 Owen enjoyed digging with an abandoned shovel.
 Kaysen enjoyed sliding down the sand banks.

I found a men's wedding band, diamonds and everything, on the beach. I looked down and saw a circle like something in the sand. I bent down, thinking it was probably a bottle cap sticking up from the ground. Nope, a ring. Weird, since a guy was walking around earlier with a metal detector looking for treasure! Maybe it just washed up?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ember's randomness

She had torn that thingy connected from your gum to your bottom lip.

Ember: This thing in my mouth hurts, so I think I will have to be talkless for a while.

(Guess how long being talkless lasted?)

During this time I also found her trying to eat an apple with a fork....because it hurt bite the apple itself. Took some initiative there instead of asking for help.

Que es esto?

If you were me, you would have said pizza cutter used to cut pizza. If you were my husband, you would of said a pizza cutter that can be used to cut brownies. (In his defense I use it to cut quesadillas too.)