Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Acceptable reasons

In a book I read:

 "You want acceptable reasons why Daniel's not coming to school? Well, stick these in your fascist helmet:"
(At this point there is a list of ten reasons, counting down, but I will only give you the best ones!)
"Number nine: Daniel described your school as a holding pen for the 'criminally underinspired' ...
Number six: Daniel wrote an essay for his social studies class yesterday that was so good his teacher fainted, and we don't want to put any other educators in harm's way....
Number five: We've looked over the terms of the No Child Left Behind Act and determined that if your school is doing the driving, we're okay with Daniel being left behind....
Number two: Daniel's doctor fears that if Daniel has to hear one more nonsensical,, bureaucracy-inspired edict come out of your office, he may decide to flee the country."

My personal favorite is Number 5!

Daniel X
Watch the Skies
by James Patterson & Ned Rust

Friday, April 8, 2011

What makes you think of Grandma's House?

On the way to pick up Jaxen and Ember from school I was talking to Owen about going to Grandma's for Easter. He asked me which grandma. I told him Grandma Horsey. He thing proceeds to spew a list of words out loud:

t-vev (tv)
sheeps (right, mom?)
one goat

Just like that, no sentences, just words. I then realize that these are the words he associates with Grandma Horsey.
milk - the last time we were up there we had hot chocolate made with milk (much better than with water!).
pa-corn - it is a treat to eat popcorn and watch a movie at Grandma's because she never watches tv!
chairs - we all pull out the folding chairs and sit around watching the tv, Grandma has no couches.
t-vev (tv) - see above.
snow - it was snowing the last time we went!

horses- Grandma Horsey is named that because she has horses.
sheeps (right, mom?) - she has sheep too!
one goat - yep, only one.

It is fascinating to see them work things out in their minds. Sometimes I wonder what and how they come to the conclusions they do on many things, but when I step back I can almost always see how they got to that assumption or answer. They really do think outside the box if we encourage them too!