Saturday, September 29, 2007

Continuing Care

Owen moved up yesterday to continuing care, still no clear timeline on when he will be going home, but it is one step closer to the door literally and figuratively.

On another note, Jaxen was pointing out the differences between a donkey and a horse to Ember. I asked him how he got so smart, and he said "I think I got that way in Heaven". LOL

Friday, September 28, 2007

Paying the Price and more interesting stuff

So, Ember and Jaxen had their well child check ups on Wednesday along with the dreaded shots. Well, yesterday I notice that Ember's right arm is swollen, red, and hard. She says it doesn't hurt and she doesn't have a fever or anything so I decided that I would call this morning to see if this is normal. I call and the nurse says to bring her in so the doctor can look at it. I thought it would be something quick....nope, I have to pay my co-pay ($20) to have the doctor take a look. BIG SURPRISE. Once I pay that, then I know it is going to be a "everything-looks-good-give-her-some-benadryl" kinda answer. YEAP. Wow, the worst $20 I have spent in a long time...see what happens when you worry about your kids too much.

On another note: Last night we went in to see Owen after dinner. I had called in advance to have a lactation consultatant come by. I have been stressing lately on whether or not Owen is going to be able to nurse, how to try it, etc. Granted my other two had no problems, but they weren't born at 27 weeks either (42 weeks if you want to get specific). She comes and says we will try right now (it is his feeding time). So after pumping for a few minutes I give it a shot. He "tries", althought I don't really know what he is doing....more like an up down motion with his mouth. But, that's trying, right? LOL The consultant comes back in with a shield and shows me how to use it. Apparently many preemies do well with the shield and transition to regular BFing easier. Low and behold he did it!!!! You have no idea the overwhelming relief I had that he could do it. She said to keep using the shield till about 38-40 weeks and then try regular...if he still has a hard time, start with the shield and take it off half way....she said he can be fully breastfeeding by 42 weeks....with a bottle or two for supplement (calories to maintain weight and vitamins). But that slowly I can do BF and offer bottle afterward until he really isn't taking aything from the bottle, then we know he is getting what he needs. I can't tell you how excited I am. She also said not to try BFing at night until he gets the hang of it, we both need our sleep. So dear hubby gets baby feeding duty while I pump....mainly because it won't work the other way around!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's been rough

I went to go see Owen last night...the feeding tube is back in. I found out later that they lowered his pressure to .3, so his oxygen has gone up and his feeding is a little more rough. It takes them a while to adjust each time they make a change like that.

There are twins in the same pod as Owen, they are 24 weekers I think. Owen used to have another little boy that was right "next door". I talked to his mom, who was 17 years old while she was there. She had some complications that caused her water to break. She also ended up having surgery while her boy was in NICU. I went in over the weekend and he wasn't there....I thought maybe he had been moved to a different pod. Come to find out on Monday that he didn't make it. It made me take a step back and realize how blessed I am to have been able to keep Owen in for the 5 extra weeks in the hospital. I know that if I didn't go to the hospital, he wouldn't be here...or else he would be, but with a much different outcome. I am thankful everyday that he is doing well.

On another note, I totally feel like a bad parent. Yesterday my kids wanted to go see Freddy, he is the little boy next door. They ran back and said he wasn't there, but they wanted to wait outside for him. I was making dinner so I let them play out front checking on them periodically. I stepped out once to see Ember creeping into the street, she was really looking to make sure there weren't any cars, but she was still in the street. I totally freaked out. What was I thinking letting my kids play in the front yard?! They could have been hit my a car, taken by some strangers, ran over by the lady next door (she said they were playing in her driveway, this is Freddy's house, behind her car). Granted the likeliness is small, but still there. They neighbors door is diagonal, so she saw them, or street is relatively quiet, but STILL, What was I thinking?!

I was a complete mess last night, thinking of all the what if's, and thinking about Owen and what the heck am I going to do when he gets home!

I need encouragement and proof that I am not a bad parent. *sigh*

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feed me like a big boy!

So, I called to check and see how little man is doing. He took all his feeds via the bottle last night. They are going to increase his feeds by a few cc's and try putting him in a crib again tonight or tomorrow if he can maintain his body temp...he is a few steps away from continuing care...which is a few steps away from coming exciting and scary thought all at once.

Apparently he has taken it upon himself to remove his feeding tube, so they are going to take it out and see how he does, if he doesn't finish his feeds via the bottle they will have to put the tube back in...but just goes to show that he knows when he is ready. LOL

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My creative creations

Is it too much to ask that one of my kids even remotely ressemble me? LOL

Ok, I hear that Ember looks a lot like me, whether that is a good or bad thing is yet to be known, but she sure is a looker right now. But, you know as well as I do....that there are some cute babies out there that grow up a little and aren't so cute anymore....and the reverse is true. I like to believe that mine are always going to be handsome and beautiful...but I am slightly partial.

I always say, it is a good thing they are so darn cute, or I might not keep 'em. LOL

Sorry...please come again...

Last night I went to go see Owen at the usual time. I get there and peek in at my little one when his nurse comes by.

"Did you bring any milk?"
"Um, no".
"We are almost out"
"There should be some in the freezer"
"The freezer is empty...I guess I should have told you to bring some....sorry"

Great!!!!! So, I turn my tail right around and go home to get some. He didn't even have enough for his next feed, which was in the next hour! The nurse is lucky I don't live too far from the hospital or I would have raised he!!. So, after driving home and back, I get to hold him and feed him. (That was the good part)

Talk about an oinker...he ate his feed in 15 minutes with only one desat....good boy. His nurse (a different night nurse, who has been doing it soooo long she is practically mechanical) says, you know he can go home on oxygen...if he keeps this up he'll be home in no time. HUH?
YES!....I mean no....I really haven't thought about all this have I? I am not looking forward to pumping, attempting to BF, heating up bottles, etc all at the same time....I think I am tired now....I can't even imagine what I will look and feel like when he comes home....*sigh* He better be a good boy.....or else he is getting it when he gets older, LOL.