Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So, we decided yesterday to go by the Humane Society and see if there was a dog/puppy that wanted to come live with us. As we are walking through the very loud kennel area, Kaysen stops, and points at a dog, "MeMe mom!"

Ok, for those of you that don't know. MeMe's is Kaysen's way of saying he wants to nurse and/or reference a specific body part of a mom.

He was pointing at a male dog.

No son, that is not a MeMe.

Play time

So, Jaxen and Ember have been home since Monday evening. Yesterday was Ember's birthday. I was willing to play My Little Pet Shop/Little Ponies with her. We use all the houses/accessories at our disposal, literally. So, my pets went over to her house for a party.

Her house has a bathroom.
I went up to use it...
 Someone forgot to flush! Eew! 

Ember starts laughing, and of course one of my pets blames one of the other pets. That pet refused to take responsibility. Ember kept talking about that for the rest of the night. Good times. Glad to see play time mirrors real life.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Shaunton and I will be going to a wedding out of town. Shaun's mom will be staying with the youngest two. I was telling Owen all about it.
He said, "I think Kaysen will be sad."
I said, "You are probably right. Can you help make him feel better?"
He looks at me seriously and replies, "I know one word that I will say to make him feel better."
"What word is that?" I ask.
"Shhhh" he replies with a sympathetic look.
"Owen, that is so thoughtful of you! I am glad you will be here to help take care of your brother."

Aww, they do love each other. :)

I do it!

So, Kaysen has taken the reins on the potty training and wants to get up on the potty himself. He likes to kick off his pants and undies and scoot way back on the seat. He likes to use his hand to aim. So, there he is aiming, and he is so interested in watching himself go that he ends up aiming high. It goes between the lid and bottom of toilet, hits my leg, and gets in his hair. (He had just gotten out of the shower and his hair was down.) Gross! It was funny, but gross.

On a more exciting note, he poo'ed in the bowl for the first time today! Yes! Let's hope watching that was enough to motivate him to do it again. That and the "poopy prize".