Friday, November 4, 2011


Ember has lice.

Does anyone have a monkey I can borrow?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Break Day 4: San Diego Zoo

Last time we were in California, we went to the zoo. It seemed so much MORE last time we came. It wasn't too thrilling this time. The kids enjoyed it though, and it was a good work out on the legs with all the steep terrain.
 I think I did more child watching then I did animal watching. Their fascination fascinated me.
 Is it me, or does this camel look a little frothy? Slightly concerned.
 The cool thing about this zoo is that it really is much more up close and personal then our zoo. I could reach in and get my hand bit off if I really wanted to. Can't do that at our zoo.
 Alas, I still try to figure out why I bring the stroller. No one wants to ride in it....until on the way out...when everyone wants to ride in it.
 Elephant stampede victim.
 Awe, isn't he an awesome dad. My heart gets big when I look at pics like these.
 Are you not smiling? You need this as a screen saver!
Once again, caught in the act of curiosity. I love to try and get pics when they are acting natural and exploring the world around them.

Overall, it was a nice day and we had fun traversing the zoo. It was easier than last time and we managed to see most of it. I think everyone's favorite exhibit was the snake house. Lots and lots o poisonous snakes! I think we spent as much time looking through there as we did walking around the rest of the zoo. Jaxen liked to read the endangered meter for each animal. They would race up to each one and declare the status of the animal. It was educational, and I can't complain because the kids were free! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Break Vacation Day 3: Sea World

Today we decided to take in Sea World. We got show times ahead so that we could plan our day around the shows.

One of our first stops was to see the sharks. This one actually came up out of the water each time it circled!

It was nice to see the kids helping each other out and being loving toward one another. I have pics to prove that they were nice to each other at some point in their lives.

We watched a seal show, were Jaxen chose to sit by himself in the splash zone....even though he didn't get wet. BUMMER. We then hoofed t across the whole park to go see Shamu. Jaxen convinved us to sit in the splash zone and we were drenched 3 times! 
Jaxen and Ember loved it! Owen not so much. Kaysen was my shield, as he was sitting on my lap. I was still drenched, so that can tell you the watery state he was in. It made for a cooler afternoon walking around. Some exhibits were even a little chilly (think penguins).

(Kaysen checkin' the map for our next destination.)

We watched a Pet show as well as a dolphin show. I think everyone really enjoyed playing with all the toys at the exits of all the exhibits. I think we spent more time trying to get them past all the stuffed animals and trinkets then we did on the actual exhibits!

The kids really liked the jungle gym area with rope and stuff. It wasn't so easy for Kaysen, but he had a dad that was willing to help him!

(This was a pic taken when I was off somewhere with the little ones. It makes me smile!)

Owen: Pirates 4D movie
Ember - Sea lion show, Dolphin show and Shamu show
Jaxen - Freshwater tank (with piranhas), Sea lion show, and Dolphin show
Kaysen - Pet's rule show