Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of the mouth of my babe

Owen was  in my room with me while I changed Kaysen. In addition to pinning holding Kaysen's arms down for me (without being asked, he is just extra helpful that way, sometimes), he had a chance to look around the room. He noticed the picture of Shaunton and I on our wedding day. It has been hanging in the same spot for the last 8 years, or however long we have owned our home. In the picture we are...kissing. Anywho, here is the low down:

O: Look at that picture.
M: What picture?
O: Right there. You are kissing Daddy.
M: We are kissing because we love each other.
O: You have a pretty dress.
M: That's my wedding dress.
O: You look like a princess.
M: Aww, thank you Owen.
O: Daddy looks handsome in that picture.
M: Yes, your daddy does look handsome.

Owen is growing up so fast. He talks ALOT more and is very observant to the things around him. He has a good memory and can recall situations and things from movies he has seen and real life. He is always saying, "Mom, you remember...." At this point, my full attention is needed to decipher his excited and sometimes rambling recollection. He is really good at it though.

One thing I love is that he still goes up to Kaysen randomly and says, "I love you Kaysen". Often he looks at me very seriously and says, "I love my baby brother. I love Kaysen." He still likes to give him kisses and hold his hands. He is also very helpful and I have heard several stories of him comforting his crying little brother when his mom wasn't there to do it. Too cute. Yesterday he told me he wanted another baby....where do some of these ideas come from?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Where did my laser shooting, galaxy saving, cowboy befriending, space suit wearing little boy go?!

Overnight, or so it seems, my laser shooting, galaxy saving, cowboy befriending, space suit wearing little boy has turned into a web throwing, wall crawling, 24/7 pajama wearing, spider-man watching, obsessed child. He is constantly dressed up as spider-man, carrying around a spider-man toy, having an action figure fight to the death, and/or shooting webs at everyone. He has one pair of spider-man pajamas that he NEVER wants to take off, even when they are dirty. Sometimes I have to be Doc Oc in the morning and wrestle him out of them so I can wash them. At night, the kids each get to choose how they are "delivered" to bed. We have dogs holds, monkey holds, ceiling know, all the usual stuff. We now have wall crawling. Once you get to the edge, you are required to shoot a web to your bed and sort of fly/get thrown into your bed. Nice.

I remember going through this with Jaxen. Having a favorite for so long (dinosaurs) and then suddenly moving on to something else(spider-man, and now Star Wars). It is neat to see, but also a time of watching them grow, seemingly too fast.