Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Already another year under our belts! I feel as if I just sat down to write this same letter not that long ago. I would say that not much has changed, but it isn’t until you really analyze the time that you see the slow ebb and flow of progress that has taken place over the course of the year. At least it seems that way in the “quiet” years…the ones without major accidents, baby births, and other milestone accomplishments. Two thousand twelve was an overall busy, but calm  year.

Jaxen/ 10 years old/ 5th grade
Jaxen played flag football this year. It seems we (ok, I) finally got over the barrier of worrying about him getting hurt because he is “smaller” and just let him play. He was short and quick and had his fair share of long catches and touchdowns. He took a break from soccer and decided he wanted to try his hand at Ultimate Frisbee. He was active in boy scouts and became a Webelo this year.  He continues to take piano lessons, and just held a recital.  In fifth grade it is required to sign up for choir, band or orchestra. Jaxen chose to sign up to play the violin in the orchestra. He is doing really well and just held a holiday concert.

Ember/ 8 years old/ 3rd grade
Ember is still playing soccer. We signed her up for Club this year, and she is really excelling. She plays midfield and pretty much has full range of the field. She has the stamina to keep her playing long periods of time, which is really neat to see. She is still taking piano lessons, in which she has a love/hate relationship, and performed in the recital with Jaxen. She is doing well in school and likes to spend all her free time outside playing four (two) square, football, soccer, or make believe. She is a leader and loves to lead her younger brothers in any game that she wants to play and can convince them to join her in. She loves to create things from nothing. Give her a box and a roll of tape and she will create a masterpiece.

Owen/ 5 years old/ Kindergarten
Owen started kindergarten this year! I can’t believe my little “chicken wing” is growing up so fast! After a bit of a slow start he has really blossomed. He went in knowing sight words and how to sound out simple short words. He could write his first name and count to ten. He struggled with writing, primarily the proper way to hold a pencil. Not uncommon for preemies, or some kids in general. He picked up fast and is so excited to share about the authors he is reading about, the science centers he is exploring, and the friends he plays with on the playground. He participated in a wresting clinic this year. We are talking real wrestling, not WWF style. He enjoyed learning new pins and practicing with his Dad.

Kaysen/3 years old
Kaysen wants to know why everyone left him! He is the only one still at home, and it makes for quiet days, or busy ones, depending on what we have scheduled. He enjoyed a few classes through the city this semester, and likes play dates with some of the little kids he knows from church. He likes to dress up as super heroes, sings the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings theme songs, and wants to try everything his older siblings can do. He loves to be outside and is quite disappointed that he can’t go out of his own volition. A lock has been placed high due to frequent unplanned adventures. He potty trained earlier the year and we are basking in the light of a diaper free house! Earlier in the year he made his first trip to the ER for stiches. He ran into the corner of the wall while playing swords with Owen. He got sliced. He has the nice scar to prove it.

Well, I continue to work for ASU on what I would consider “freelance” terms. If they need someone to teach an education online course, sometimes they contact me. I like that it is flexible and I can work from home. It isn’t always consistent, but I do it more for me than the money. I have started running more frequently and for longer distances. Something to release stress and I can do free and by myself. I still scrapbook and quilt, but infrequently this year as other things have kept me busy! Shaunton and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in September! Where does all the time go?

Shaunton continues to work at SRPMIC, so far it’s been over 4 years.  In September, he ran his second ultra marathon (32.2 miles) called the Paatuwaqatsi Run (Water is Life) in Polacca, AZ.  His time was 6 hours and 25 minutes; it was slower than last year by 11 minutes.  Hopefully, he’ll get a better time next year, aiming for sub 6 hours.  In November he broke his nose playing basketball.  First bone he has broken in his life!  He recently underwent surgery and everything is back to normal. In his spare time he enjoys running, playing basketball, working out, ultimate Frisbee, and hanging out with the family.
We feel blessed to have such a wonderful family with creative spirits and unique personalities. We are thankful to be healthy and prosperous in these hard economic times. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Although we may not talk often, each of you is in our thoughts.
May you be blessed in this coming New Year.

With much love,

The Davis Family