Sunday, February 12, 2012

Owen's quilt

I finally finished Owen's quilt! Thanks to a good friend letting me borrow her new and super cool machine. It gave me the final push to be able to want to finish it.
I made this quilt out of scraps. The majority are from Owen's diaper cover left over pieces. Additional pieces were taken from Ember and Jaxen's quilt scraps. The only things I bought for this quilt were the backing, the bunting, and the thread (I ran out of black thread toward the end).

He absolutely loves his quilt. He took it with him when we went to pick up his brother and sister from school. He likes to hide in it and chase his little brother around. He also likes to stop and investigate each of the squares with his brother. Looking for a certain ninja turtle, or Nemo. Best of all he can use it for a little bit longer before it gets too hot. He is a blanket kind of kid, and this one beats out the spider-man blanket that was his favorite.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Piano Recital

The older two had their piano recital tonight. They did really well, we were really proud of them! Their teacher is stupendous! I will probably upload them in small batches. I can't get any of the rest to load. :( Maybe they are too big?