Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

She looks like a "Who", doesn't she? It is amazing what your little brother's toys can do for your hair. And the finishing touch of sparkles (and tons of hair spray), and ,ta-dah, you have crazy hair!

Hmm, she was happy about the hair...guess that "smile" on the first pic doesn't really show all the excitement, huh? Had to write this down so she would know 20 years from now that she did like it, and it wasn't torture.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dress Up

My boys LOVE dressing up. For Christmas Owen got a Buzz and Woody dress up trunk. He has hardly taken the suit off since. He has worn it to the movies, flown all around the mall (he pushes the big red button on his chest and dashes off with his arms out in front of him...repeating the pattern every 5 yards or so), grocery shopping, around the house, and even to bed. He loves to "rescue my baby brother". He will help him because he is the superhero. I finally had to wrangle the pants off of him because they are looking more brown than white. Being a super hero is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. The gloves are ginormous, and the outfit fits fine...until you put the hood up, then it pulls up snug. He can't do anything with the gloves on. He is too busy balling his hands into fists to keep them on. The other day he used his arm (where the control plate would be) and say something like, "Star Command, 20 20, we are blasting off!"

Kaysen loves to dress up too. He will grab the outfit and come "uh" at me to put it on. He always has to be Woody because Owen always has to be Buzz. The other day Owen wanted to be Woody...and was all dressed up, until Kaysen wanted to be Buzz. Once that spacesuit was on Kaysen....ya well, he didn't want to be Woody anymore. Stripped that cowboy outfit off in a heartbeat and begged for the Buzz.

I guess this gives me a break from being chased around with a lightsaber...for now.
Howdy Partner!
To infinity and beyond!