Thursday, July 31, 2008

The most annoying sound in the world?

The sound of your almost-one-year-old grinding his teeth. It is amazing what you can do with three teeth.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jaxen Can Swim!

Look at him go (first ten seconds, you can stop watching after that)! And to think a month ago, he was crying on his first day of class because he didn't want to put his face in the water. How far he has come! I am so proud of him and Ember, they are doing so well at their lessons!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sleep over surprise

I love a good monsoon storm, I really do. I don't even mind if the power and phones go out for a short while, just means we are getting some good wet weather. I do, however, mind when my power is out for 12 hours.

On Monday, after coming home from choir practice, I was greeted by happy kids and a warmer than usual house. Most of you know that we keep the house at a cool 83 degrees during the summer, which works for us, unless we have company over, and then we are nice hosts and turn the air down (or is it up...I always get lost on the wording, but the gist is we make it cooler). If we didn't, I don't think we would have many least not any that would want to come over.

I wasn't too worried about the power being out, we were on our way out the door to a birthday dinner at my SIL's house. I figured the power would be back on when we got back. On the drive over, we take a look over the freeway overpass and see that both sides of the freeway are blocked due to flooding. WOW. It was definitely a sight to see.

Three hours later we pull into the drive and realize our sensory lights didn't go on....that's not a good sign. We walk into a balmy sticky house. Yuck.

I proceed to get the kids ready for bed by candlelight. I hope I was able to do a decent job brushing their teeth, I guess it isn't any worse than letting them brush them all by themselves. We read scriptures over candlelight, and get the kids into bed. Prior to the bedtime routine, I had called SRP and was informed that the power would be back on before 11. It was already 8:30, so we figured we could just wait it out.

I would have much preferred to be outside, by the blood suckers are out there...and they are HUNGRY.

We cracked open some windows...and waited it out. I passed out in a restless sweaty heap on my bed only to wake a couple of hours later feeling like I couldn't breathe. Shaun was up in the living room, because apparently, it is "cooler" in there...I thought it was hot everywhere.

Another call to SRP reviewed that power was to be out until 8 in the morning. Forget that. I practically begged Shaun to call someone, anyone to see if we could sleep on their floor. He was worried that it was late, and I was worried we were all going to dehydrate in our own beds.

The call was made to the lovely Duclos family, who as "luck" would have it, was up with the little one. I know, our luck, not theirs. They were gracious enough to let us sleep on their floor and everything was ready when we arrived 15 minutes after our hasty phone call. The floor was nice and comfy and I was extremely grateful.

Jaxen woke up the next morning and wondered what we were doing at the Duclos' house. LOL I guess that boy can sleep through anything. He wanted to know if we walked or drove over.

We came home early to power being back on. We think it was on for about an hour or so, seeing as how the house was still a little warm. We are still without a land line phone, but that is the least of our worries as long as we have AC.